Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way in which target keywords of a website get appeared at the top of the search engine results pages. Due to its visibility, it would definitely get more traffic, so do a good business. However, in this competitive scenario, if one won’t continue SEO, its rank would not be there always.

Fukiaa Technology adopts its own style SEO, which is in line with the norms of the major search engines. Its SEO process is a bit different from others. We do the same link building like any other companies but our strategy is not same as theirs, which is the pillar of our success.

Local SEO: Fukiaa offers SEO services to the organization that operates a business within a specific location. We call this Local SEO. The promotion approach here is a bit dissimilar with that of the global SEO. Our intelligent team decides the necessary strategy for the site taking up its competitors in the same locality.

Our rivals accuse that our SEO process is very lengthy. It includes complete website audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, unlimited backlinks, social media activities and reporting. However, our service charge is quite low as compared to the industry price. To know this, you can visit our pricing page.