Simply saying, SEO is the technique through which targeted keywords of a website get appeared at the top of the search engine results pages when googled. Due to their higher visibility, it would definitely get more hit and traffic, so do a good business. However, in this competitive scenario, one has to completely rely on a reputable SEO service to maintain and grow its business further.

We follow our own SEO strategy, which is a bit different from our competitors. For instance, we do the same link building as others but our strategies are not the same, which causes a big difference. We are enriched with our in-house research and development programs.

Prior to implementing SEO techniques, we first ponder over the area of the business -- whether it runs a local or global or both. Then, we change the course accordingly. For local one, we fix citation issues and for the global, we focus on rich contents and juicy backlinks. Before taking up the optimization and promotion job, we analyze the site properly and suggest changes for better results.

Our SEO Process

On-page Off-page
Keyword Analysis Directory Posting
Keyword Suggestion Blog/Forum Comments
Meta Tags Creation Article Posting
Canonical Issue Fix Blog Posting
Content Optimization Slide Sharing
Image Optimization Bookmarking Submission
Google Map Citations Image Posting
Structured Data Creation Video Posting
HTML Validation Infographics
Redirection PDF Posting
Robots.txt Setup RSS Feed Submission
Sitemap Setup Guest Posting
Analytics Setup Quora Discussion
Page Speed Improvement Social Media Updates
Competitor Analysis Business Listing
Competitor Strategy Track Classified Posting
Leads Strategy Review Setup