Offpage SEO

Increase your backlinks to strengthen your position on SERPs

Not the quantity of your backlinks but quality decides your strength on Google.

Link Building is an intrinsic part of SEO. Backlinks empower a site's position on SERPs. However, they need to be created with great care otherwise the respective site could experience penalty from search engines. Fukiaa Technology is well aware of the recent link building strategies. We gradually increase the backlinks as we believe in the age-old saying “slow and steady wins the race”.

The inbound links generated by Fukiaa are come through different modes which are given below. Before placing links, we take into account several aspects in terms of benefits. We understand link building from a single IP is notorious so we avoid this and implment other techniques. We use VPNs to target the specific location and audience. Our strength is

  • Quality
  • Relevance
  • Google Algorithm friendly
  • Advanced methods
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Email Marketing

We ensure our clients that their each and every bit of information would reach their subscribers' inbox. We use the most advanced technology.

Monthly SEO Task

Our SEO service is not limited; it is vast and huge. You just tells us your requirement then we decide how much work is essential for you.

On Page SEO

Site analysis holds the key of a successful SEO campaign. To make it robust, we use the most powerful tools reigning in the industry.

Success Score

Our success rate is beyond one’s expectation. It reflects our expertise and dedication over the years. We never fail if we are given free hand. Thus, we always request our client to have faith and patience till the last moment of the stipulated time. Magic happens. If you run with us, you can know our internal pace, which would let you open the success door.




Business Booster

We assure and ensure your business success. Our association would definitely improve your sales, service and finally revenue. Our digital marketing strategies can change the fortune of your business. We provide consistent and fast result. Years of experience with deep expertise mature us.

Fukiaa strived hard to get the taste of success in its early days. The days are gone and now the time is to help other innovative businesses to experience success so that they can contribute to the benefits of the entire human beings.

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