keyword Research

Every business has certain products. Taking them into account, their keywords are fixed. Through these keywords, search engine bots come to know about their operation and then they award them suitable ranks considering certain parameters. So, it is indispensable to find appropriate keywords for better performance on SERPs. If one can do this properly, he can beat his competitors easily.

Keyword analysis is the foremost thing in order to succeed in the virtual competition. SEO analysts usually consider two things carefully while setting up keywords for their clients—search volume and search competition. It is not so easy to take up. Fukiaa uses a few reliable tools to know this. With this, one can beat its business rivals and take forward its own business miles ahead.

Before working on a project, Fukiaa Technology suggests its clients a list of keywords that are mostly fit for their business. For faster result, we also focus on long tail keywords. We also understand the tactics of search engine king—Google—on the aspect of awarding ranks.

Our Keyword Research Process

Keyword Relevance
Keyword Search Volume
Search volumes predictions
Keyword Competitiveness
Keyword ROI
Keyword Intent
Keyword Selection