Website Audit

Fukiaa also offers website audit report, which is completely free of cost. Anyone who wants to avail it, he/she has to go to our contact page and fill up the boxes there. And in the subject section, you should write free report and in the body put your domain name and other requirements. We will send the analysis report to the concerned website mail within 24 hours. And again, there will be no promotional message from our side to your e-mail in future.

We assure you that our research report is completely unique and accurate. Resolving the issues will be a big advantage for your business. If our report would touch you, feel free to communicate with our sales team directly.

Our Audit Report Features

Glitch & Strength
On-page Analysis
Backlink Analysis
Competitor Detection
Keyword Positions
Keyword Suggestions
Keyword Competitiveness
Marketing Campaign Strategy