About Us

Corporate Overview

Welcome to Fukiaa Technology. We are an internet services company, which is empowered with its state-of-art engineering. Fukiaa, being headquartered in Dubai, is serving across the globe. We have a proven track record in promotion of different websites online. Our team is aware of the latest technology implemented in the digital marketing sphere. We are one step ahead from our competitors.

Website promotion is not only carried out by effective SEO but also by Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). If you are a layman, it is tough for you to understand the internet marketing terminology. You can visit our blog for getting sound knowledge regarding this topic.

We also outsource SEO projects and ensure the clients that we will be offering the best SEO practice as long as they are with us. That does not mean that they will be here despite a feeble work process. We again assure you that our action is up to the standard of the current period's best SEO companies. Though we cannot say our experts are best, but we can unhesitantly demand that we are among the best.

Making a partnership with Fukiaa would be one of your life changing steps. Our business is to skyrocket your revenue through enhancing your position in SERPs. You then can understand the essence of a reliable digital marketing company. We have seen a lot of ardent SEO opposers turn into a big supporter of SEO. Not we; our working style is the cause of their transformation.

Our Mission

We have experienced many startups collapse before they bloom. You cannot figure out a single reason only for this. It may be many more like their poor business strategy, inefficient management, cash crunch, etc. It often hurts us when a business started with a novel concept fails. To help such startups, we want to take their responsibility in strategy and online marketing.

Corporate Values