Link building

Link Building is an intrinsic part of SEO. Backlinks empower a site's position on SERPs. However, they need to be created with great care otherwise the respective site could experience penalty from search engines. Fukiaa Technology is well aware of the recent link building strategies. We gradually increase the backlinks as we believe in the age-old saying “slow and steady wins the race”.

Honestly, no experts in our industry are completely white hat SEO practitioner. May be some are spamming heavily and some are spamming meticulously. So, it is the responsibility of the digital experts to opt for certain ways which are close to the policy of search engines.

The inbound links generated by Fukiaa are come through different modes which are given below. Before placing links, we take into account several aspects in terms of benefits. We understand link building from a single IP is notorious so we avoid this and implment other techniques. We use VPNs to target the specific location and audience.

Our Link Building Scope

Directory Posting
Blog/Forum Comments
Article Posting
Blog Posting
Slide Sharing
Bookmarking Submission
Video Posting
PDF Posting
RSS Feed Submission
Guest Posting
Business Listing
Classified Posting